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What are the functions of lubricating grease?

Issuing time:2021-05-22 10:58

In general, lubricating grease has the following functions, sealing, lubrication, rust prevention and so on. The working principle of grease is that the thickener keeps the oil in the position where it needs to be lubricated. When there is a load, the thickener releases the oil to play the role of lubrication. At room temperature and static state, it is like a solid, can maintain its shape without flowing, can adhere to the metal without sliding. At high temperature or under external force beyond a certain limit, it can flow like a liquid. When grease is sheared by moving parts in machinery, it can produce flow and lubricate to reduce friction and wear between moving surfaces. When the shearing action stops, it can restore a certain consistency. The special fluidity of the grease determines that it can be lubricated in the position not suitable for lubricating oil. In addition, because it is a semi-solid material, its sealing and protection are better than lubricating oil.

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Lubricating grease is widely used and its working conditions vary greatly. Different mechanical equipment has different requirements for grease performance. The performance of grease is the comprehensive embodiment of grease composition and its preparation process. The evaluation of grease performance is not only of decisive significance in production and research work, but also essential in the selection and inspection of grease by user departments. According to the specific situation of grease used in automobile and construction machinery, the basic requirements for grease are: proper consistency, good high and low temperature performance, good extreme pressure, anti-wear, good water resistance, anti-corrosion, anti rust and stability, etc.

The main functions of grease are lubrication, protection and sealing. Most greases are used for lubrication, which is called antifriction grease. Antifriction grease is mainly used to reduce mechanical friction and prevent mechanical wear. At the same time, it can also prevent metal corrosion and seal dust. Some greases are mainly used to prevent metal rust or corrosion, called protective grease. For example, industrial Vaseline, there are a few grease used for sealing, called sealing grease, such as thread grease. Grease is mostly semi-solid material with unique fluidity.